5 Ways To Use Washi Tape

June 30, 2018 Choose ToDo

When I first was introduced to the wonderful world of washi tape, I was very confused. I asked my coworker at the time several questions:

"What is washi tape?"

"How does one use washi tape?"

"Why would you need this many colours of tape??"

"Do they do something special?"

To this day, that coworker still has not given me a clear-cut answer, but she did help me buy several rolls of washi!


Little did I know how the obsession would grow. I now have 3 boxes of washi and two MUJI sunglasses acrylic cases of multi-coloured, foiled, patterned, printed and even glitter-fied tape. Some are great quality - MT brand from Japan and the elusive Simply Gilded washi tape, while others are downright terrible (i.e.) some of my glitter tape has this odd sticky residue that is taking over my life, while Target brand paper tape has been relegated to the role of sealing envelopes. 


The clear winner of my washi heart is Simply Gilded brand tape (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you can visit SG here and get $5.00 off of your first purchase). I like collecting the bow washi and the beautiful exclusive designs that are offered by Irene - the creator of the brand and the washi. Currently, I also shop on AliExpress for washi tape, where I normally just search for "foil" and "washi tape" and see what the results bring me.


To be honest, I've found that my main use for washi tape is for...hoarding. I'm not proud of this, because it brings more joy to actually use these beautiful things! Nonetheless, I have gotten into a habit of buying and storing my tape so I can hoard, organize and reorganize - this is not a good development. 

My goal is to share with you a few different ways of how I am using washi tape - and I do a few giveaways over on the "Inner Holo" Facebook group too! 


#1: Make a washi paperclip bow:

#2: Cut out washi letters (for cards and labeling)  

 #3: Make bookmark corners with washi tape and some paper

 #4: Decorate your journal by cutting out washi to create a wreath

 #5: Cover up a notebook to give it a brand new look


If you'd like to see me talk through these DIY projects, check out my video here:


Thanks for reading! Please share with me below your favourite uses for washi tape! You can also connect with me online @choosetodo (via Instagram)!

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