About Us

“The ability to choose is what makes us human.” ChooseToDo started as an idea to motivate planner enthusiasts to adopt a positive mentality through the ups and downs of life. Our planner covers are meant to inspire you to choose a life that you love, so you can accomplish everything on your To Do list.

Who We Are

Three siblings who grew up in Canada - Peggy, PW and Jeff - make up the team at ChooseToDo. The ethos of our brand and the products we offer was born from a deep need to do something different, something that could encourage ourselves and others in the world, while offering us the opportunity to work with our favourite people ever. We created ChooseToDo - the first supplier of ultra holographic agenda covers filled with general inserts so you can create the ToDo lists that suit your lifestyle. We chose words that inspired us to be proactive, and give that little kick-to-the-butt to finally write down those goals and fearlessly go after our dreams.  (We have lots of ideas for our upcoming product launches... can you tell that we like shiny things?)

As a way to rediscover our roots and explore our culture, we decided to base ChooseToDo in Taiwan, while keeping a support team in Canada to provide real-time assistance to the planner community in North America.

To develop our first product line, we spent the better half of 2016 planning and working diligently on ChooseToDo. We humbly launched our online store in December to gear up for our January 1st, 2017 grand opening. We really wanted to experience what it was like to create something from start to finish, while sharing a product that not only excited us, but was also stimulating to the eye.

We are new to the scene, so please let us know if there is anything we can improve on! Any comments and constructive feedback would be much appreciated. Our contact email is chooseassist@gmail.com.

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