You Found Us!

November 30, 2016 Choose ToDo

Hello/Holo... it's us!

We have been furiously preparing for the launch of our Shopify store... and the day is finally upon us.

Thank you for searching us out, getting access to this website through the password and (hopefully) following us on all the socials. We are still new to this, so please bear with the technical difficulties that we may be experiencing. 

We made the following video for you, because we want to welcome you into the world of ChooseToDo and show you Confidence, Triumph, Perseverance and Grace in all of their glorious, holographic goodness: 


Tell us what you think! Which one will you adopt into your life? Aesthetically, PW prefers Confidence for the mega silver holographic properties; Jeff likes Perseverance because it is the more masculine colour of the bunch; and Peggy likes the soft classiness of Grace. We like the meaning behind Triumph the most, because it reminds us about what we are doing here, why we want to persevere, when we need to demonstrate confidence in what we do and that we should always live our lives with a bit of grace.  

Welcome to the ChooseToDo Family... we hope you stay a while!


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  • antonella

    Mar 14, 2018

    io adoro confidence,e mi piace come vi ponete…,ho anche controllato ora sul sito che confidence è all’interno nera,come piace a me ,mi piace il linguaggio utilizzato nel vostro sito…è umano e caldo,sembra di stare con persone già conosciute,quando vi mando le mie mail mi viene spontaneo chiamarvi amici

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