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August 02, 2017 Choose ToDo

It's been a while since we have blogged - to be honest, we weren't too sure what to blog about! Since our last post, we've launched a new line of planner covers, specifically for A5 notebook users (Leuchtturm 1917, Moleskine, May books, etc...) - the Inner Holo line of planners also has 4 colours. You can check out a video all about them here:


We've run a bunch of sales, and partnered up with a few other shops for giveaways - it seems like we are finally getting the hang of it! The sibling team here at ChooseToDo wants to thank everyone for their love and support by giving back to you guys. Our gratitude to you is infinite... so what better way to do it than to hold giveaways on the most "infinity"-ish month of the year? So for the rest of August, we will be doing eight separate giveaways! Some of our wonderful friends are joining in on the fun, so keep on reading for the details!

Schedule of events (may be subject to changes): 

8/03 - Planners Gone Wild Facebook Group (ChooseToDo Planner of your choice)

          *EDIT* You can also enter here: Rafflecopter giveaway

8/04 - Rose Colored Daze Birthday Bash (Inner Beauty)

          *EDIT* Winner: Samamtha E

8/08 - Ultimate Planner Sale, Featured Group: Inner Holo ($15 Shop Credit)

          *EDIT* Winner: Laura M

8/10 - WilaWaloCo Giveaway (Inner Hope)

          *EDIT* Winner: Milan P

8/14 - Kawaii Stationery Giveaway on YouTube

          *EDIT* Winner: Liz P

8/20 - Hello Kitty Stationery Kit Giveaway on Pinterest

          *EDIT* Winner: Chie M

8/23 - Xquisite Soul Giveaway (Inner Joy)

          *EDIT* Winner: TBD

8/24 - A5 BuJo Starter Pack ft. Muji on Instagram

          *EDIT* Winner: TBD

There you have it, that's a quick rundown of the giveaways happening in August. Make sure you come visit us on social media to see what you have to do to win these awesome prizes! Share the love with as many people as you can!

P.S - what kind of blogging content do you want to see from us? Is there something we can cover to add to the functionality of our website?

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  • Lynn

    Aug 14, 2017

    Hello Kitty is my favorite!

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