New Beginnings: Journey to Self-Improvement

January 02, 2017 Choose ToDo

What is this all about? Welcome to our blog! If you want to get to know the people behind ChooseToDo a bit better, check out our About Page. We want to get to know you better too! So please feel free to leave a comment below telling us something that you want to begin doing in 2017. The plan is to make some vital changes to our lives so we can build up to having a well planned, well balanced and well designed life.

It is the beginning of the new year, and this is the perfect time to start something new that will help us lead a more balanced and happy life. We wouldn’t call these “New Year's Resolutions” since traditionally, resolutions don’t last once your willpower runs out. We want to try to incorporate certain lifestyle changes into our daily lives. We also want to encourage others to join us on this journey as we try different methods towards self improvement. We are making the choice to embark on initiating changes that can be applied in the long term.

To start, we are each taking one area of our lives that need a little extra elbow grease. Over the next few weeks, we will each be sharing one blog post about the area we chose and providing some helpful tips that we find along the way.

The first will be related to improving productivity - waking up early (aka “rise and grind”).

Then, finding a way to declutter the mind is a challenge that can be unlocked through meditation and becoming more self aware.

Finally, a grateful heart is something that many emotionally balanced individuals adopt into their daily practice.

To start this new year, we are going to challenge ourselves and share with each other the things that we have learned so there is an accountability to continuously strive for self-improvement. Let’s call this the #ChooseToImprove journey, something to remind us to make positive change in our lives one month at a time.

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