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August 01, 2018 Choose ToDo

What I love the most about the planner community is that it has so many amazing and talented members who inspire others with their kindness, talent and willingness to share. We've been really lucky to interact with, and even befriend (online friendship count too, right?) some of our #plannercrushes over the past year. Through Instagram DMs, Facebook chats, YouTube comments, Facetime, Skype and good ol' email, our network of planner friends has grown, and it has been really cool to dream up different ways to collaborate, encourage and grow together. 

This month, we are so happy to share that Caitlin from Sunshine & Stationery (YouTube, Instagram) has agreed to hand letter all of the quotes we selected to represent each of the ChooseToDo planner covers. She received the Inner Joy A5 size planner/TN cover and made a video review here:


It is really fun to see first impressions and "unboxings" of the planner covers, if you have a video or post of your ChooseToDo cover, I'd really love to see it! Just leave a comment below with where to find it :)


So, a little backstory: our first planner cover line started as an idea to share with the world a fresh and interesting take on planner covers. The "all holographic" personal size planner covers used animal friendly materials with excellent workmanship and quality, and resulted in a product that was a true joy to carry around. My personal favourite from the Choose Holo line of planner covers is the Confidence personal size ring-boung planner. I really like the accessibility of carrying around a smaller planner. It has sort of become a security blanket now, I literally always have my planner with me, even if I don't reference it!

We chose an inspiring quote for each of the planner covers that coordinated with the different names: starting off with Confidence, a silver holographic that really shines brightly under all different lighting conditions. Followed by Triumph, a strong yellow-gold holographic for gold-lovers; Grace, a beautiful pink with a rather demure take on the holographic finish; and Perseverance, a colour-shifting grey holographic that is bold and eye-catching. 

As a follow-up to the really bold and compact size of the personal size ring planner, we went the opposite direction by releasing the Inner Holo line. Four pastel coloured covers that perfectly fits A5 sized notebooks or printable inserts. The thought behind this line was that we wanted to celebrate the importance of the "inner" qualities that might not be visible to the outside world. Inner Peace, our most popular cover is a serene light blue with gorgeous pale blue holographic interior pockets. Inner Beauty follows the same matching colour scheme, but in a dusty pink combination. Inner Hope and Inner Joy have pastel covers and a complimentary colour inner holographic fabric. 

If you'd like to download the digital files of the quotes, you can check out the August ChooseToDo newsletter: for all 8 quotes!


Do you have any quotes that you love? Which quotes motivate you to achieve your dreams? Which quotes help you get out of a rut? Please feel free to share in the comments! Thanks for catching up with us - we'd love to hear from you!


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