What's inside? | Holographic Planners by ChooseToDo

December 09, 2016 Choose ToDo

We are still in the "soft launch" phase, getting things ready on the website and doing a lot of prep for shipping, data entry and making content so more people can see the beautiful holographic properties of the planners. We want to share the holo with you during this HOLOday season, so share this video below with any of the friends that you think will love having a holographic planner! 

This quick video shows you how the planners come packaged (in a sturdy, matte black gift box) and an awesome black dust bag for you to keep the holographic planner nice and protected when you are taking it around on your daily adventures. 

Near the end of the video, you can see the different inserts** that are packed inside - plus we include a black ruler/Today marker and two page lifters made of thick, frosted plastic so those pages don't get stuck when you close your planner.

This video also gives you a good look at the design of the planner, we made sure to include lots of pockets so you can go crazy with adding decorative paper clips, washi samples, stickers... whatever your planner loving heart desires! It was important to keep the inserts general, but still useful (who doesn't need to dotted, grid, lined paper?!?!) - there are also "Today" pages for those days that you feel like you need to plan your busy day down to the last small detail and inserts that are for your To Do lists (needed this page, since we are "ChooseTODO"). Finally, at the back of the planner, there are sheets of black paper! It's really cool to do black-out planning, so this is a cool option that not many other planners provide. 

If you get a ChooseToDo Holographic Planner, please snap a picture and tag us @choosetodo on Instagram or share it on Facebook with us! 

**Disclaimer: These inserts are an example of what I have packed my planner with - yet all ChooseToDo planners come pre-packed with basic inserts (dotted, grid, lined and black paper)

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