Why You Should “Rise and Grind” Every Morning (Part II)

January 15, 2017 Choose ToDo

My Tactics to “Rise and Grind” Every Morning

Nighttime Routine (it all starts the night before...)

1. No electronics one hour before bedtime!

The light the electronic devices emit affects the brain and will make it tougher for you to fall asleep. Now that I know this, instead of looking at my phone before bed, I will read.

2. Plan out major tasks.

I will make sure that I write down the one thing that I must get done the next morning (using a paper planner, NOT on my phone), as well as the smaller things that I can pre-plan (what to wear, meals for the day, errands I need to run, etc...). The process of putting pen to paper can help curb the anxiety created from thinking about what we have to do the next day.

3. Put on a guided sleeping meditation.

To get me into a relaxed state before and during sleep, I searched for “guided sleep meditation” videos on YouTube and chose one I liked. Here’s one example you can try :)

Morning Routine

1. Drink up, wash up.

First upon waking, I will drink full glass of water and wash my face. This will get me (hopefully) out of sleep mode. Make sure you don’t use your phone or engage in any other distractions until you’ve finished your morning routine.

2. Ohmmmmmm.

Try to meditate for 15 to 30 minutes. I pay for and use the app HEADSPACE but there are plenty of free options on YouTube as well. You can try it here with 10 sessions for free (not sponsored, lol). Tip: if you have a Spotify account there are a lot of meditation content on there as well.

3. Planner Happy.

Plan out the day with 1 to 2 hour time blocks, transferring the information onto my phone from the notes I wrote down the night before. Since I have my phone with me all the time, it’s a perfect way to schedule my day because there are notifications reminding me what I have to do next. With everything automated, I don’t need to expend any of my willpower deciding what I will spend my time doing later in the day.  It’s also good to have an overview of your day right after a nice relaxing meditation session to get you started.

4. ...and grind.

Now comes my favourite activity before I get on with my day, COFFEE! I like to freshly grind my coffee and use the pour over method, the smell of freshly ground coffee beans makes me happy.

5. Begin your day!

So that’s my plan for waking up early in the new year, one piece of advice is to take it slowly and try not to make drastic changes right away. For example, start with an alarm that is just 15 minutes earlier from your usual wake time and repeat this for few days, then try setting it 30 minutes earlier for a few days… and so on. This way, your body can slowly get into a natural rhythm and there will be less of a chance that you give up. Also - it will be beneficial if you can find someone who also wants to wake up early, and work on this goal together, to make each other accountable.

Let’s begin this journey!


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